The deck department is responsible for the navigational safety and integrity of the vessel. In addition to navigation, our deck department must also ensure that all lifesaving and fire fighting equipment is ready and properly working at all times in accordance with international laws and regulations that our ships have to abide by. All crew safety training is coordinated through the deck department. The deck department is also responsible for the security of the vessel as well as the overall maintenance of the ships exterior surfaces and open decks.

The dedicated crew members who work in the deck department are highly skilled and qualified seafarers. And although our team tirelessly focuses on the greatest priority - the ship's safety and the well-being of those onboard - we also never lose focus of the importance of our roles as ambassadors to our guests. The Master (Captain), Staff Captain, and other officers/nautical team members also enjoy interacting with guests, to ensure their vacation is incredible, and to personally Deliver the Wow!

If you would like to be a part of this extraordinary team, we invite you to consider one of our exciting career opportunities.