Royal Caribbean Entertainment Department Deliver the WOW!


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Are you passionate about the fields of entertainment and recreation, and want to be a part of delivering a guest experience that is innovative, fun and full of WOW!? If so, then we invite you to become a part of our shipboard team of experienced professionals and performers.

Our casts of outstanding dancers, singers, ice skaters, divers and more perform in Broadway-caliber shows in large-scale performance venues onboard. Our team of entertainment technicians work behind the scenes on state-of-the-art sound, light, video and rigging equipment to make our amazing productions possible. And our Guest Activities team members create an atmosphere of fun and excitement on our ships by hosting a wide variety of events and activities for guests of all ages, including youth activities, sports and recreation events and general activities.

Interested in learning more about our shows and possibly joining our entertainment staff? Find out how by visiting